Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 22 February 2013

On my trip this year I started these two cross stitch pictures.

This I finished while sitting on our deck on Pureto Rico. It is for my daughter n law who is a nurse. I just have to stretch it and frame it. One Christmas present under way.

This one I just finished. It is also a Christmas gift. I was quite happy with this one. It is hard to see but the berries are little beads that makes the picture pop. Some day when I am out shopping I will find  a couple of frames. It is nice to get a head start on Christmas gifts. It seems as fast as I make things there is something that I need a gift for. Most years it is hard to get anything made for myself. Oh well, I do enjoy making gifts.
Tonight there is a musical at the church and both of my grand daughters are playing. Lauren on the piano and Sara on her violin. Tomorrow night Sara will be playing in a Jamboree in Sussex. The guy that runs these Jamboree's heard her play and was so impressed with her that he asked her to play for him. She is only six years old. It should be a fun night. She is pretty excited. There will be a lot of people. I hope she doesn't get nervous. Hopefully our seats are close enough to get a video. 


  1. Have fun....you will be that proud Grammy watching.
    The cross stitch pieces look very nice.

  2. Your cross stitch pieces are beautiful! That's next on my list to learn how to do.