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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

This a picture of me standing in front of my cruise ship. This is the Adventure of the Seas. It was a beautiful ship and we had such a good time. The food was great and our waitress was so much fun. Its hard to believe that they work six months at a time seven days a week. It is a long time to leave your family behind. 

This is the Island of St Kits. The view behind me is a picture dividing the two ocean's. The left is the Atlantic and the right is the Caribbean. It was such a pretty view.

One of the Island lady's sit in a stand every day painting these little pictures. It is neat to see what other people do for a crafts around the world.  

This guy sits on this mountain 
and has tourist take pictures of his donkey. What a way to make a living. He dresses this donkey up with big sun glasses and has a monkey on his back.
Well I should go and get something done. Have a good day ladies.

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  1. Nice pics!!! Can you imagine doing that all day in the heat...