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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Well I haven't been on for a couple of days as I have been working on a couple of blog pieces. I finished It's All About Me. Not as fancy as some that has been posted. I have enjoyed everyone's pieces so far. They have been very good. I am also in the Stitch it Up Blog and have got some done on that also.

Also I have working on that quilt that is taking way to long. Boy's the quilting is hard on this one. Its the snowball quilt that has been in long before Christmas. I hope to have it out next week.

I did get one project done. Marjorie and Connie was up and we put together this little table topper that we bought from Connecting Threads. When Black Friday was in the states Connecting threads had a big sale and I bought a few kits. I was very impressed with them and the quality of the material was great. I actually buy quite a bit from them.

My good friend has a birthday this Saturday. It is her 50th so I think this will look very good in her kitchen as her colour's are blue. There was almost enough material to make two. I will substitute a couple of colour's. I was going to machine quilt but used my walking foot instead. It turned out really well. 
We have been getting lots of snow today and just waiting to see if it is going to be another snow day tomorrow.  Will have lots to work on if it is.  

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